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8 -9 February 2017, LITEXPO, Main Convene Hall #3

Top industry names will be on hand to give you advice and guidance on everything from Running Successful Incentive Schemes, Site Inspections, Content Strategies, SEO, Voice Clinic, Ambassador Programmes, Bidding Strategies and others. Participants are free to ask any questions.


Wednesday, 8 February
 11:10 – 11:30  12:10-12:30 14:10 – 14:30
Table 1  How to improve your chances to win more congresses. Bidding strategies

Expert: David Bodor, ICCA

What makes the association meetings market unique? Why should your business be involved in bringing association congresses to your destination? Come and we will answer all your questions!

Understand how  meetings ambassador programmes and a focus on the knowledge economy can boost a destinations success

Expert: Paul Kennedy MBE, Kennedy Integrated Solutions

Tips on how to understand the links between a destinations economy. Investment policies, academic and scientific research agendas and marketing your venue or destination.

 All about special interest incentives: who, what, where, when…

Expert: Ben Gosman, Free Style Incentives

What is special interest incentives? Who are main players? What really matters and what doesn’t? Come and get the answer!

 Table 2 Using hybrid events to engage live audiences and participants across the world

Expert: John Martinez, Shocklogic

Want to maximise new revenue streams and minimise the costs of your technology at your next event? Learn how hybrid events can do this with a format that works.

Help me – I have been appointed project manager! Challenges running internal projects – tips and traps

Expert: Rolf Senstad, Simpleview

We walk through some practical tools and routines you can bring home, helping you succeeding in whatever projects you are responsible for.

Voice  clinic

Expert: Susan Heaton Wright, Executive Voice, Viva Live Music

If you suffer from sore throats, a croaky voice or you feel you have a challenge when you use your voice, come to the Voice SOS clinic, where I will share some top tips to using your voice effectively and healthily.

Thursday, 9 February
11:10 – 11:30 12:10-12:30 14:10 – 14:30
Table 1 Insights in to the Indian MICE market

Expert: Johanna Fischer, tmf dialogue marketing 

India has become the number one emerging market. Therefore your ROI will be much quicker than from the usual saturated source markets. Please join me to discuss your options for getting a share from this business and how to approach the market in the best possible way!

Making site inspections work for the buyer and seller

Expert: Paul Kennedy MBE, Kennedy Integrated Solutions

Learn how to ensure your site inspections have a better chance of meeting your buyer or seller expectations.

Table 2 Common SEO disasters and how to fix them tomorrow

Expert: Rolf Senstad, Simpleview

Owners of websites want a prominent ranking on search engines like Google. Website owners can actively do things wrong that affect their page ranking. What can you do tomorrow getting the rank you deserve?

Tips for Planning Your Content Strategy

Expert: John Martinez, Shocklogic

The way we manage content today is very different to the way we used to manage content just 5 years ago. These tips will help you to better cope in the fast paced digital world.




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