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CONVENE Education Programme

CONVENE has a full Education Programme for all participants involved in the planning and supply of meetings, conferences and events. The programme is timed so the sessions work in harmony with the exhibition, the Hosted Buyer programme, and meetings taking place on the show floor.
Enhance your professional competencies by attending sessions delivered by high-profile speakers from across Europe whose knowledge-filled sessions are shaped with a strong focus on best practices in conferences and events management, the latest trends and research, as well as marketing and sales. The sessions are opened for all.

Meetings and events industry trends

What are the key trends that are emerging in the global meetings and events industry? How does ecological, geopolitical, and economic disturbance affect us, and how major events will be organised now and in the future? What is the role of technology? What is the significance of the arrival of new industries or the convergence of existing ones?

This presentation will look at the global economic situation in 2019, where it is headed into the future and how it will affect the meetings and events industry. It will take a look at specific industries that influence the success of our own, and also show research from the different regions of the world that are rising and falling as meetings destinations.

This is the meetings industry now, next year, and into the future.

Speakers: Alistair Turner, Managing Director | EIGHT PR and Marketing


Branding, Marketing Press and PR- the realities revealed!

This moderated panel session featuring three international experts will explore and reveal why each  major element of any marketing and communication plan matter in achieving organisational success, penetration of any market and for commercial organisation achievement of bottom line profit.  The session will reveal the difference between press coverage and public relations and why each should be effectively addressed; the panel will discuss and advise on different elements of the marketing mix and how the elements interrelate and need to shift as market factors evolve and change over time. Insights into brand values and what is not a brand will enable delegates how to impact the market more effectively by enhancing their understanding the fundamentals of what  a brand actually is.

Moderator: Paul Kennedy MBE, Director and Owner | Kennedy Integrated Solutions

Panelists: Katrin Schmitt, Editor in Chief | CIM Conference and Incentive Management; Adam Baggs, Managing Director | Soaring Worldwide; Roger Pride, Managing Partner | Heavenly


The Power of Networking

Networking is really important, always has been, always will be but it is now more important than ever. However, schools and colleges don’t teach it and companies don’t have strategies for it but most will agree that Networking is critical to growth and development. We live in a rapidly changing world where technology and globalisation are transforming whole industries. Success in the past is no guarantee of success in the future and the strategies that got us to where we are today will not get us to where we want to go tomorrow. This presentation is designed to encourage behaviour change through the gradual adoption of a series of networking skills, which will give you a distinct competitive advantage in today’s changing business world.

Speaker: Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Founder | Networking Summit and Managing Director | Catseye Coaching

Organisational Resilience – risk management, crisis management and business continuity

A session outlining how to improve your organisation’s resilience to interruption and disruptive events. We will explore how organisations can respond to incidents by developing plans and response frameworks. We will look at what is meant by emergency response, business continuity and crisis management and the relationship between them and how to integrate them. Alongside this we will examine the relationship with risk management and how to manage the risks that can cause disruption. We will touch on how to manage supply chain risk and product risk.

We will then move our focus onto writing plans and discuss the need for strategic, tactical and operational perspectives in our plans and how plan content changes from a goal based focus to task and action lists. Included in this will be guidance on how to avoid some of the planning mistakes and the need for training and exercising to validate plans. Finally we will address leadership when responding to disruption and implementing plans, linking to this is situational awareness and incident record keeping.

The session will be interactive with participation from delegates.

Speaker: David Leslie, Grip Fast Consulting Services Ltd


Creating unforgettable corporate events

Corporate Events are a complex mix of moving parts and stakeholders involved in the planning and management processes, this is not an easy task and the final outcome expected is a high level of engagement of your participants. Listening to Debora Piovesan you become aware of how much Corporate Live Communication events have in common with the theatre. Even a boring sales force training can become an unforgettable experience for your participants, touching their hearts.

Speaker: Debora Piovesan, Head of Events | UNICEO

The Untold Value of International Association Meetings and their Positive Global Impact

Dynamic, rapidly-evolving with many interwoven networks and partnerships, the international association meetings market encompasses a great many industries and sectors. As a result, an association meeting is a place where all these parts come together; they provide a stage for academia, industry, NGOs and government to share knowledge and find solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Their impact upon society is wide-reaching and they are essential drivers of global development and progress.

To help you make sense of the importance of international association meetings and how they drive economic, social, political and cultural progress, this session will take you through the ins-and-outs of the different sources of value of association meetings, from the tourism and “beyond tourism” to the economic and scientific impacts on host destinations and global industries. You will walk away with a greater understanding of the economic and social implications of engaging global congresses and newsworthy events, and how to make them positively impact your destination.

Speaker: Elif Balci FisunogluRegional Director-Europe | International Congress and Convention Association

Transforming your meeting design to experience design

In a world of ever-increasing communication, professional conferences and events are becoming more and more important in sharing information and developing ideas. Those days are gone, where a plain conference room set up in theater style and endless Power Points could achieve the purpose of the programme.

Transforming your meeting design by implementing the five elements of experience will help your participants get immersed into the subject of your conference or event and will enhance their return on investment.

Learn about these five elements of experience and get tips and ideas on how to implement the elements in your or your clients’ meetings and events and thereby transforming meeting design to experience design.

Speaker: Anne Dalgaard, CEO | EventAnne


The Future is Now: How MICE technology is changing the way we meet

Technology is constantly disrupting the status quo of how we live and do things. Yet – many event planners still stick to what they have known. This session explores how you can employ technology to help solve some of your most common pain points in event planning.

Looking back at how we got here, we will discover all the major trends in event technology and give insight on how MICE tech can not only make your life as an event planner easier but also help you create better and more memorable experiences for your attendees.

Speaker: Thorben Grosser, General Manager Europe | EventMobi



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