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Should you have any specific question about the hosted buyer programme’s terms and conditions, please contact our hosted buyer team

Please read the terms and conditions of acceptance carefully.

  1. The CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme is reserved for key decision makers, managers, organisers and/or influencers involved in special events, meetings, conferences, exhibitions or incentive travel. In the interests of delivering a high quality Hosted Buyer Programme, every application will be reviewed against the CONVENE hosted buyer qualification criteria.
  2. By accepting the offer to participate in the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme, I agree to the terms set out in this document.
  3. CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme

3.1. Participation as a CONVENE hosted buyer includes:
· Return economy flights to Vilnius from designated points of departure within Europe
· 2 nights accommodation in a CONVENE partner hotel in Vilnius with breakfast
· Airport and local transfers within the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme itinerary
· Catering within the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme itinerary
· 2 day entry to the CONVENE – Baltic Sea Region Exhibition for Meetings, Events and Incentives.
· Pre-scheduled one-on-one appointments with exhibitors of your choice (minimum of 8 appointments per day)
· Personalised online diary with the possibility for additional appointments
· Hosted buyer lounge access
· Admission to CONVENE networking functions
· Possibility to participate in Vilnius city tours and the familiarisation tours to a chosen destination (optional)

3.2. As a condition of receiving complimentary services, hosted buyers will be required to:
· Attend for their full Hosted Buyer Programme dates
· Actively participate in all components of the Hosted Buyer Programme including attending all site inspections and functions
· Pre-schedule appointments and forums as outlined in the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme itinerary
· Conduct a minimum of eight (8) pre-scheduled appointments per day. Required attendance is 2 days. If you are unable to attend an appointment, you are required to re-schedule directly with the exhibitor
· Conduct pre-schedule appointments individually
· Failure to comply with the conditions stated above may result in exclusion from the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme. This shall be treated by the Organiser as a no show and penalties will apply (refer to the cancellation policy below)

3.3. The Organiser cannot be held liable for any incidental charges incurred during your stay. Programme exclusions include:
· Meals, beverages and room service other than those provided by the programme
· Telephone calls; business services – faxes, photocopying, freight
· Dry cleaning and laundry service; mini-bar and in-room movie charges; health club, hairdressing and spa
· Activities that are additional to the programme; private transfers
· Souvenirs
· Excess luggage fees
· Travel insurance
· Visa application fees (if applicable)
· Etc.

3.4. Completion of the online registration form does not automatically guarantee you a place on the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme. You will be notified if your application is successful. CONVENE reserves the right to decline your registration. The Organiser’s decision is final.

3.5. All required sections of the application form must be fully completed.

3.6. All approved applicants for the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme are required to supply valid Credit Card details as part of the application. Confirmed hosted buyers are obliged to fill the form ‘Authorisation to Charge My Credit Card Account in Case of Cancellation or No Show at CONVENE 2020’. The authorisation form will only be used in case of cancellation when flights were already confirmed and tickets were purchased (before 13 January 2020) or in case of late cancellation (after 13 January 2020) or ‘no show’ charges should be levied.

3.7. Should cancellation when flights were confirmed and tickets were purchased (before 13 January 2020), late cancellation (after 13 January 2020) and ‘no show’ charges apply they will be debited from the Credit Card details supplied by applicant.

3.8. Participants who are not accepted for the Hosted Buyer Programme will have the opportunity to attend CONVENE as a visitor. There are no entrance fees for visitors.

3.9. In order for CONVENE to function in the best interest of both buyers and suppliers, you agree that the information you provide us with (such as name, position, company, country and company website) may be shared with Exhibitors in connection to Hosted Buyers attending the exhibition and provided to Exhibitors who have been contacted by Hosted Buyers to request a pre-scheduled appointment using the software provided by the CONVENE team.

  1. Cancellation Policy and No Shows

4.1. Accepted invitations to Hosted Buyers are non-transferable. In instances where the Hosted Buyer is no longer able to attend, they may request that a colleague from their organisation attends as a replacement. This is subject to the replacement completing the Hosted Buyer application form and the CONVENE team confirming that the proposed replacement meets the qualification criteria. Prior to 13 January 2020, a cancellation fee will not apply to the original buyer unless flight details have been confirmed which will be levied from the provided Credit Card in case of cancellation from the original buyer. If the replacement request is received after 13 January 2020, cancellation charges will apply. If the replacement colleague does not qualify to attend, cancellation charges will apply to the original buyer.

4.2. Whilst it is not encouraged, hosted buyers may cancel their participation in the CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme without penalty on or before 13 January 2020, unless flight details have already been confirmed as outlined below in section

4.2.1. Cancellations received after 13 January 2020 will incur a fee of 500 EUR plus any cancellation charges incurred from confirmed itinerary arrangements such as flights and accommodation.

4.2.1. In instances were hosted buyer cancels the participation before 13 January 2020 and the flights were already confirmed and tickets were purchased the net amount of the flight ticket price will be levied from the provided Credit Card. Net amount of the flight ticket price will be provided by the official CONVENE travel partner and will be equal the price at which the ticket was purchased. The amount will be deducted from the provided Credit Card within 7 days after the cancellation has been received in writing.

4.3. Hosted buyers who do not inform the Organiser of their cancellation and do not participate in the programme will be deemed a No Show. The following no show penalties will apply:
· A 500 EUR fee plus any cancellation charges incurred from confirmed itinerary arrangements such as flights, accommodation and networking functions.

4.4. Should the hosted buyer fail to meet the minimum commitment as outlined above in section 3.2 any of the items below:
· If you do not make the required number of exhibitor appointments prior to the close of the appointment system · You are reported onsite as a ‘No Show’
· You are unable to attend CONVENE and do not advise us in writing by 13 January 2020
· If you miss two or more pre-scheduled appointments per day of attendance at CONVENE You will be excluded from the programme and deemed a No Show. The No Show penalties will apply.

4.5. The hosted buyer shall pay any applicable cancellation fees, no show fees and travel amendment. The hosted buyer agrees these penalties are a reasonable reimbursement estimate for the impact on the Organiser in the event of the hosted buyer breaching these terms and conditions. All cancellation and no show charges will be debited by CONVENE to the Credit Card detailed in your application. All cancellation charges and no show fees are inclusive of VAT or equivalent tax. An invoice receipt detailing the charges will be sent to you.

4.6. Cancellation of attendance fees, no show fees and flight cancellation fees shall be payable by the hosted buyer within 14 days of the closing date of CONVENE. The Organiser shall take payment of such cancellation and no show fees from the hosted buyer’s Credit Card (details of which must be provided by the hosted buyer in the Credit Card authorisation form) 7 days after the closing date of CONVENE, if the payment has not been made by other means. The Organiser will provide the Hosted Buyer with a receipt in respect of such Credit Card charges for cancellation of attendance fees, no show fees and flight cancellation fees. All cancellations must be received in writing by the Organiser via email ( and must be acknowledged by CONVENE Hosted Buyer Manager to be effective.

  1. Attendance

5.1. The Organiser is responsible for co-ordinating your participation as a hosted buyer at CONVENE including accommodation, transfers and appointment setting. Flights will be booked by the Organiser over the period of CONVENE only. All attendance queries should be directed to the Organiser. Hosted buyers are not to contact the CONVENE travel suppliers (i.e., agents, airlines and hotels) directly.

5.2. The hosted buyer who wishes to make his/her own travel arrangements must inform the Organiser directly and ensure that travel is according to his/her chosen days of attendance and at times which allow him/her to complete his/her full obligation of appointments.

5.3. Hosted Buyers must obtain adequate travel insurance coverage for their stay and it is recommended in particular that hosted buyers take out adequate insurance for their baggage and medical insurance.

5.4. The Organiser takes no responsibility for any hosted buyer who may miss organised flights, transfers or functions related to CONVENE. This includes buyers missing flights due to visa complications, airline delays and cancellations. Any additional expense incurred is at the buyer’s own expense.

  1. Appointment setting

6.1. Hosted buyers who are accepted by CONVENE commit to attend a minimum of eight (8) one-to-one 15 minute appointments per day of attendance at CONVENE. One-to-one meetings have to be arranged via on-line appointment system. Hosted buyers who do not conclude appointments by the agreed date will be liable for the ‘No Show’ fee.

6.2. Hosted buyers who are unable to honour an appointment should contact the exhibitor directly to arrange a more convenient appointment time.

6.3. Please note that attendance at appointments will be monitored and non attendance shall constitute a breach of these terms and conditions. Organiser will give on-site instructions on attendance verification.

6.4. The Organiser will make a site inspection of the host hotel. Hosted buyers are obliged to attend their pre-planned site inspection.

  1. Travel and Accommodation

7.1. Travel will be arranged on dates suitable for attendance of the show. CONVENE cannot book flights based on buyers’ preferred airlines. CONVENE will book flights based on best available rates and times.

7.2. Once booked tickets are non-changeable. Due to airline restrictions, changes to confirmed travel plans or travel change requests will be considered by Organiser on a case by case basis.

7.3. The Organiser reserves the right to charge the hosted buyer for any travel changes, to cover administration and airline amendment fees. The Organiser will notify the buyer of the total costs before proceeding with any travel changes.

7.4. The Organiser takes no responsibility for hosted buyers who miss their flights, for insolvency or failure to any airline company, for flight cancellation or delay, for delay or missing baggage, or excess baggage charges.

7.5. Please note that participants from certain countries may require a visa to enter Lithuania (European Union) or host destinations of fam tours. It is the responsibility of each participant to contact the Organiser for a visa application letter and to organise their own individual visa. Buyers who are unable to travel because of failure to obtain a valid visa will be subject to the standard cancellation or no show charges.

7.6. Please note that travel insurance is the responsibility of each individual hosted buyer. The Organiser will not supply travel insurance for hosted buyers. Travel insurance must be in effect from the day of departure up to and including the day you arrive back at your home country.

7.7. Hosted buyers are responsible for the payment of excess baggage, customs fines etc. CONVENE does not endorse or approve export gifts given to hosted buyers by exhibitors. It is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure that such gifts may be both legally removed from Lithuania and imported into your home country.

7.8. The Organiser will provide two (2) nights accommodation in CONVENE partner hotel in Vilnius with breakfast. This is on a room and breakfast basis. Any additional room nights or hotel incidentals are at the buyer’s expense and must be settled upon checkout. Buyers will be responsible for providing Credit Card details upon check-in as a guarantee. Room upgrades will be at the discretion of hotel management. Hosted buyers must settle any personal with the hotel prior to departure and will indemnify CONVENE for any failure to do so.

  1. Familiarisation tours

8.1. Familiarisation tours are organised by the host destination, not the CONVENE team. Hosted buyers are accepted by the host destination on the basis that they meet the criteria determined by the host destination. Flights are co-ordinated by the Organiser and the host destination. Accommodation is the sole responsibility of the host destination for the duration of the trip.

8.2. After a maximum number of hosted buyers per fam tour is reached the participation at such fam tour will not be possible.

8.3. Attendance at a fam tour is subject to arriving/departing flights availability.

8.4. If you need to cancel your participation in a fam tour, then you must inform the Organiser. Your cancellation must be acknowledged in writing by the Organiser for it to be effective. Cancellations received on or before 13 January 2020 do not incur a fee, unless the flight has been agreed and confirmed. If the flight has been confirmed the cost of the flight will be charged. Cancellations received after 13 January 2020 may incur a fee from the host destination to cover costs incurred by them for flights and accommodation relating to the fam tour up to the date of cancellation and will be advised. Additional costs for revised flights may also be incurred and will be payable to CONVENE.

  1. General notes

9.1. All matters and questions not covered by these terms and conditions are subject to the decision of the Organisers. Foregoing terms and conditions may be amended or added by the Organisers at their discretion. The Hosted Buyer agrees to abide by any and all amendments and changes by the Organisers.

9.2. I agree that any photos taken of me during the Hosted Buyer Programme may be used for general sales and marketing purposes by the Organiser.

9.3. The CONVENE Hosted Buyer Programme does not allow partners to attend and participate in the programme.

9.4. Successful applicants will only be accepted as a hosted buyer after they have carefully read this document and indicated that they fully understand its contents, and that it is a release of liability of the Organiser. Agreement to these terms and conditions by applicants is signified by applicants ticking the relevant ‘I agree’ box on the online application form.

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