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Scandic Hotels to Stop Using Plastic Straws and Cocktail Sticks

Scandic Hotels, the leading Nordic hotel company, has decided to stop using plastic straws and cocktail sticks in all of its hotels to help reduce the harmful impact these products have on the environment.

“As a part of our sustainability program, Scandic Hotels is looking to remove all single-use disposable items made of plastic. In total, we’re taking approximately 1.3 million straws and 120,000 cocktail sticks out of circulation on a yearly basis. We are also replacing the plastic lids for our take away coffee mugs with biodegradable ones,” says Lena Bjurner, SVP HR & Sustainability at Scandic Hotels Group.

This is a small but important step for Scandic to take. We are an industry leader within sustainability and rightly proud of how we pioneered the pick-up-your-towel behaviour and our fight to reduce food waste. These products that we are phasing out are fossil-fuel products that use up the planet’s resources and are difficult to recycle, making them extremely detrimental to our environment.

Scandic is also evaluating different eco-friendly replacement products and will offer eco-friendly straws at its bars and restaurants for guests who need them; for example, people with special needs.

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