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Smart Event Interpretation Solution Partnering With CONVENE

For many of us, just the thought of having to organise an event with simultaneous interpretation is enough to make our palms sweat. But a new app, which is already being used by the likes of TEDx and Google, is completely disrupting the events industry, and providing stressed events managers with some much-needed peace of mind.

Simultaneous interpretation – a major headache

Organising simultaneous interpretation has always been a major headache for event managers. There’s the hassle of renting and setting up the equipment, and then having to find space for the interpreting booths. And that’s not to mention the costs, both of renting the gear and paying for the interpreters’ travel expenses. It all adds up.

It’s these major inconveniences that drove our new partner, Interactio, to find a better way of providing high-quality simultaneous interpreting for large-scale events. And their solution is being heralded as one of the smartest new innovations in the conference business.

A ground-breaking innovation in event management

Interactio is a mobile application for conferences that fully replaces simultaneous interpretation equipment. So, how exactly does it work? Event managers just need their laptop and access to the internet, then they can set up and monitor the different audio streams. Attendees listen in using the Interactio mobile app on their smartphones. The system even enables interpreters to work remotely – they just need their laptop and a microphone.

The app has already been used at over 3,000 events worldwide, including IMEX America, IBTM World, and Event Tech Live. And major organisations like TedX, Google, Microsoft and Mary Kay have already adopted this smart solution.

Benefitting event managers, attendees and interpreters

Managers who used Interactio at their events claim that they were able to spend less of their time organising interpreting equipment and more on ensuring participants had a fulfilling and valuable experience. It has also helped them balance the books, with Interactio’s solution costing less than half the price of traditional interpretation equipment.

Attendees find the mobile app a convenient and flexible solution. One major benefit is that they no longer need to be in the conference venue to listen to the audio, so if they’re late to the event they won’t miss a thing.

And for the interpreters, they can now work remotely, which is convenient for them and also makes the job of finding interpreters for your event a lot simpler.

Try it for yourself this February

CONVENE has kicked-off the year by signing a partnership with Interactio to take care of our audio streaming needs. And it will be on full display during the CONVENE Education Programme, held on 13-14 February at LITEXPO in Vilnius. All attendees will have a chance to listen to the audio of the educational sessions via the Interactio app while not being in the room! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to experience a ground-breaking innovation in event management and get inspired for your next event. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experience of Interaction following the event!

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