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Estonia – a boutique meeting destination where free WiFi is a „human right“.

Estonia is a new destination, impressing delegates with its combination of centuries-old charm and amazingly modern, high-quality facilities. A unique combination of culture, nature and tradition provides a perfect setting for any organiser and promises to be an unforgettable experience for participants.

The capital, Tallinn, is best known for its unforgettable, Medieval Old Town, a fairytale neighbourhood of cobblestone streets, gabled houses, picturesque lanes and Gothic churches that was built up from the 13th to the 16th centuries. Though a stroll through Old Town certainly feels like a trip back in time, this is no museum piece. Hidden among the area’s merchant houses and courtyards are several trendy cafés and clubs, not to mention a number of award-winning restaurants.

The blend of historic charm and modern academia in Estonia’s university city, Tartu, makes it the perfect locale for scientific and medical conferences, or any event where a quiet, relaxed milieu is preferred. With a population of just 100,000, a quarter of whom are students, Estonia’s ‘southern capital’ has a far more laid-back feel than its larger rival, as well as an artistic ambience that’s enhanced by a thriving café culture.

50% of Estonia’s territory is covered by forests and 20% by bogs. That means nature areas in Estonia are never far away, no matter where you are. If you want to escape civilization and hold an incentive program or meeting in the middle of the forest, you can be there in as little as ten minutes.

Why Estonia

• A Boutique Destination – perfect for conference groups up to 1,800 delegates

• Europe´s leader in free wireless internet coverage, free wireless internet in every hotel, conference room, cafes, parks and other public places

• Compact – most venues, sights, hotels and restaurants within easy walking distance. International airport only 4 km from the city center

• A number of modern conference hotels, conference centers and unique historical venues available, more than 7500 hotel rooms

• EU and Schengen Visa-Free Zone Member, Euro as currency, English widely spoken


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