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Why Latvia for your next event:

  • It’s a relatively undiscovered destination. Many delegates may have never been to Latvia, which will undoubtedly offer them something new and exciting!
  • The beach is only a 30-minute drive from central Riga and the closest national parks are just 45 minutes away. Perfect for combining business and pleasure!
  • Prices? Truly competitive. A business lunch in a trendy city centre restaurant can cost as little as 7 EUR!
  • From Soviet-themed spy games to sophisticated Latvian wine tastings, there’s an array of exciting incentive and teambuilding offers.
  • Did we mention free Wi-Fi? It’s pretty much a given.

Latvia is home to a vast range of venues, including:

  • Opulent historical guild halls and ballrooms
  • State-of-the-art conference facilities and purpose-built halls
  • Luxurious rural manor houses for VIP gatherings.

Riga International Airport connects Latvia to over 70 destinations with flight times of:

  • 2h 10mins from Frankfurt
  • 2h 15mins from Amsterdam
  • 2h 45mins from London
  • 1h 10mins from Stockholm

Memorable experiences in Latvia:

  • Roleplaying game at the former military prison in Liepāja
  • Shooting across the ancient Gauja River Valley on a zipline
  • Launching a product or hosting a gala at the “Versailles of the Baltics” – Rundale Palace
  • Meeting and mingling among Rothko originals at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre
  • Indulging in a medieval feast at Cesis Castle

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