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 Palanga attracts visitors because of the opportunity it offers them to escape routine and urbanised surroundings, and to gain strength from natural health resources; the sun, sea water, the clean and fresh seashore, and pine forest air. Palanga resort’s climate is marine without significant changes of temperature, and is characterised by warm summers and rather soft winters.

 To dive into the Baltic Sea or enjoy sunbathing on the smooth and fine seaside sand is one of the greatest summer pleasures in Palanga. Since 2003, Birute Park Beach has been annually awarded the Blue Flag, a sign of highest quality.

 A comfortable rest in Palanga cannot be imagined without the sea and just as importantly, a walk in one of the most beautiful parks in Eastern Europe – Birute Park. This resort area called the pearl of Palanga is adorned every year in order to make it even more attractive to holidaymakers. In the centre of Birute Park is one of the most visited museums in the country – the Amber Museum. Birute Park was established at the end of 19th century by famous French architect Edouard Francois Andre, who prepared a project for a landscape park at the order of counts Tiskeviciai.

 The resort’s natural healing properties – iodine-enriched air, the fresh smell of pine forests, mineral water springs, and salty seawater – have been recognised by many Lithuanian and foreign medical authorities. Nowadays, one can improve their health in many of the area’s SPAs, sanatoriums, and health centres, where various healing and energy recovering procedures are performed. You will have a unique opportunity to try the procedures of amber, the so-called Lithuanian gold.

 The resort is also known for its traditional international festival “Palanga Smelt”, held in mid-February. Not only does the festival attract local chefs and cooks interested in this fish delicacy, but also numerous artisans and craftspeople. The spring brings Easter and J. Basanavicius Street becomes an alley decorated with record-sized Easter eggs. Soon after, the god of the sea and storms Bangpūtys covers the seashore with millions of amber stones.

 The Palanga resort has been constantly growing due to newly built accommodation and hotels, which offer conference facilities as well as leisure services. It is one way of increasing year round services once the summer season ends. An abundant choice of conference rooms (from 8 to 700 people), provided with hi-tech facilities and different work and leisure coordination possibilities, make the sea-side resort of Palanga a very attractive place for seminars and professional workshops, as well as state-level conferences and meetings.

 Listen to the waves of the Baltic Sea, merge with them and feel the pulse of the universe.

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