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Russia is the largest country in the world and is as vast in size as it is in cultural offerings. With its huge amounts of natural resources, Russia is potentially one of the richest countries in the world. Russia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for business tourism and has successfully catered to its tourism industry and its growing corporate clientele. With half of all tourists travelling to Russia for business reasons, it is not hard to see why.

Well appointed and conveniently located hotels and congress centres around its major cities serve as top quality venues for the many exhibitions, conferences and fairs that Russia hosts each year. The Extensive cultural attractions in Moscow and St. Petersburg are the primary tourist hotspots; there is a lot to discover from the Red Square, the Kremlin, to the Hermitage Museum as well as the beautiful palaces, churches, ballets and operas. The rich cultural heritage and vast diverse landscapes, combined with the excellent facilities and infrastructure, present Russia as a fantastic location for all of your events.

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