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Tallinn – An Amazing Blend of Old and New

Tallinn never fails to amaze visitors with its historical charm. At its heart is the Medieval Old Town, an area of cobblestone streets, gabled houses, churches and squares that developed here from the 13th to the 15th centuries, when Tallinn boomed as a key Hanseatic commercial hub. The Old Town is so unique that UNESCO added it to its World Heritage List in 1997. A modern business district in the city centre completes the tableau, making Tallinn an amazing blend of old and new.

Tallinn is incredibly easy to reach – just a two or three-hour flight from most European capitals. The airport is only 4 km from the city centre, putting it just ten minutes away from the downtown hotels. The ferry terminals and train station are also located a short distance from the Medieval Old Town. Thanks to its small size and compact layout, Tallinn is easy to explore on foot.

Tallinn is widely recognised as one of the world’s most technology-oriented cities, offering a range of cutting-edge solutions from e-government to mobile parking. Free Wi-Fi is available just about everywhere. Moreover, Tallinn is home to the world development headquarters of the Internet telephony company Skype.

For fresh air and relaxation, Tallinn is hard to beat. This small, relatively quiet city boasts an impressive 40 km2 of parks and forests and has a beautiful 2-km stretch of sand beach. Visitors can stroll along well-developed seaside pathways, explore the natural beauty of suburban bog trails or take sailing trips to nearby islands.



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